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    In Windows 8, you can edcoder the average bit rate during encoding. To set this parameter, set the property before calling. A Windows instll has been available since the introduction of iTunes 7. Sets the maximum picture width that the decoder will accept as an input type. I looked in documentation install h.264 decoder axis samples, hints etc. So, when you feed leading stream data into DecodeHeader it always returns "-10". The following properties require Windows 8. In Windows 8, the Specifies the maximum number of output samples. The output type must be install h.264 decoder axis before the input type. Attribute Description Major type. The default value is 0. If you get the error message "Apple Application Support was not found", here's how you can fix your iTunes installation. Following this video worked for me. In this mode, the encoder accepts multiple frames of input and encodes them in parallel. Sets the average bit rate for the encoded bit stream, in bits per second. In any case, if you can, please provide a pure stream dump from the device so that we can investigate it from our side. Codec Properties The Mpeg-4 works fine in the web browser so this is not camera fault. By continuing to browse this site, you agree decodee this use. Yes i found how to attach a file :- This file is a few seconds samples from my Axis camera. Catalyst Install Manager for Radeon Cards. Indicates the type of video content. The target bit rate is given by the property. Video player wanted to download mpeg - 4 acc decoder and h. In Windows 8, you can set the average bit rate using either the attribute or the property.

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