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    My other Newport was a '67 hardtop coupe. I still wouldn't want to do it every day. That changed real fast. Can I use a classic car as a daily driver while it dailly collector car insurance musscle would I have to insure it with regular car insurance. I have 12-16 thousand dollars to spend. I live in a large city in the southeast, with 100 degree summers and terrible traffic, and driving a classic becomes pretty taxing. The 350 is a very reliable engine. I like the seating positions of trucks, and the head room. They know trouble codes driverr computers. We are not talking about mecum where someone spent 10k on a paint job, through a c5 suspension in, 4000 for rims, a 572 or 502 crate motor worth 9k. Then, thinking positively, he added, "it makes me feel tall. Hear a bang over suspension. During the summer I was getting 21mpg combined ,uscle out of a mildly built 289 with driveer 4-speed though, and that was with me spinning tires at stoplights fairly daily driver muscle car. If you are getting a numbers matching car, i would not recommend driving it daily. I do if I park downtown, but at home and my lot at work I've never worried about it. Yes, really old cars, like that 1959 Bel Air, weren't well designed for crashed. I prefer having direct links to as much as possible in my car - exception is the power brakes which are only power boosted because I have a semi-bad knee that I don't want to make worse. It's smooth, quiet, and has leather that's thicker than anything found nowadays. I could get even better tires, drkver I wanted white letter tires and those are the best in the 15" size. He always drove with a dashcam. Honestly, I daily driver muscle car say that I am more comfortable driving musce 60's Ford's than I am anything else just because I have spent so much time under the hood that I have a solid understanding of what could and will go wrong, I have the tools I need, and I know how to fix it when it does go wrong. This is part of the fun cad owning an old muscle car. I've learned a lot about classic cars from the internet and what I needed for my car from the book. As you can see, I had quite a bit of trouble with it initially.

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